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Featured Video: Cisco's Engineers Unplugged featuring OpenShift on OpenStack @Cisco

Engineers Unplugged S5|Ep14: OpenShift on OpenStack

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OpenShift Origin Community Hangout: HA Puppet Modules explained

Monday, June 16, 2014

This week's session covers the basics of OpenShift Origin's Installation tools & then goes into a Master Class on HA & Puppet with Harrison Ripps (OpenShift) & Daneyon Hansen (Cisco) giving an update on the new HA puppet scripts for installing OpenShift Origin.
Hosted by Diane Mueller (OpenShift) with special guests: Jason Ford (BlackMesh) & Steven Merrill (Phase2)

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Red Hat Summit Radio with Richard Morrell

Diane Mueller, OpenShift Community Manager and Richard Morrell discuss GearD, Project Atomic, Docker and more at Red Hat Summit. Crazy super cool stuff about PaaS you can't afford to miss

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